Terms & Conditions

Your use of The Web-Pay Sites is optional. These sites were developed to provide you with an internet based method to create and submit a payment on a past-due account that has been placed with ESCALLATE collection operations. It was given to you via one of the following methods that ESCALLATE utilizes in their attempt to collect a debt:

  • You may have received this website address in a written correspondence (collection letter or notice) sent to you via U.S. Mail from ESCALLATE;

  • You may have received this website address via telephone contact with a ESCALLATE debt collector (also known as a Collection Specialist) located in our Call Center, phone number 1-877-237-7787;

What to do if you dispute this debt ...

You have the right to dispute the debt or any portion thereof. The Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and certain state laws give you rights depending on when and how you dispute a debt. If you dispute this past due debt or any portion thereof, then do not continue to use this website. Instead, call a ESCALLATE Collection Specialist located in our Call Center at 1-877-237-7787 Monday through Friday, 9 am - 6 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Otherwise ...

If you do not dispute this debt or any portion thereof, and you wish to continue with the ESCALLATE "Web-Pay" method to create and initiate a payment transaction for processing against a past due debt, then by pressing the ACCEPT Button you are agreeing that you understand and accept the "Terms and Conditions" of use for The Web-Pay Sites, and the processing of a payment transaction that you create on subsequent web pages within the websites, including a $20.00 fee on any returned, dishonored or NSF checks.

By accepting to use the ESCALLATE "Web-Pay Sites," www.paypastdue.com and www.payonmyacct.com, you understand and agree that your submission of personal data to create and submit payment transaction(s) is voluntary. Please read and understand our "Privacy Statement" to become familiar with our information security practices regarding your visit to the ESCALLATE "Web-Pay Sites," and the data that you will submit to create a payment transaction(s).


These Terms and Conditions apply only to the ESCALLATE "Web-Pay Sites." ESCALLATE reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions, including the Privacy Statement found within, at anytime. No notice of such change will be mailed to you - either via email or via US Mail. Therefore, you are encouraged to read these Terms & Conditions before each use of these websites .

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